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logoExperimental and Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry

Experimental and Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry (ECPB)  Українською Українською

– is a multi-disciplinary theoretical and practical periodical publication for physiologists, biochemists and doctors of different specializations.

Founded in: 1997.

Founders: Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University, Printed by „Svit” State Publishing House.

Branch of science: Medical and biological sciences.

Periodicity: published four times a year.

Language of edition: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

Online ISSN: 2415-3176

Print ISSN: 1609-6371

Professional registration in SCC Ukraine: Resolution of the Presidium of SCC of Ukraine from June 9, 1999, № 1-05/7

Experimental and Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry Journal publishes observational, experimental and clinical articles, practical recommendations for doctors, articles on the history of medicine, covering the evolution of ideas, emergence and development of scientific schools, as well as information about scientists, doctors and other prominent persons (anniversaries).

The journal aims at highlighting modern, topical issues of experimental and clinical physiology and biochemistry. The articles provide analytical overviews of authors, whose research had an impact on the development of physiology and biochemistry, indicate modern techniques and innovative approaches to the study of these branches of science from molecular level to the level of physiological systems. The journal is of interest to physiologists, biochemists, molecular biologists and physicians of various specialties as well as teachers and students.