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ECPB 2008, 41(1): 1–106
Experimental physiology and biochemistry

Experimental and Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry Journal


SAVCHENKO I., BEREGOVA T., TSYRYUK O. - Fluctuation of the blood glucose and insulin level during different phases of the migrative motor complex of fast motility of stomach and duodenum in dogs 7

GRYCHAN N., FEDIRKO N. - The role of purinoreceptors in the regulation of salivary secretion by rat submandibular gland 11

STEPANCHUK V., CHERNOVSKA N., VEPRIUK Yu. Тhe Moon’s chronorhythms of the albino rats excretory renal function at hypo- and hyperfunction of the pineal gland 23

OGONOVSKY R., PASTERNAK Yu., REGEDA M., PATEREGA I., TISHYN O., STRUBICKY I. Regeneration process in the germ-free wounds of soft tissues on conditions of action of derivates of γ-krotonolaktone and Zn-carnozine composition mixture 27

TSYRYUK O., KANIVETS К., BEREGOVA T. Influence of proglumide on functional changes in secretory function of stomach evoked by long-term hypergastrinemia 31

BALUSH L., KOVALYSHYN V., YASHCHENKO A. Morphofunctional peculiarities of the liver in rats after injection of streptozotocin 35

ZUB S. Lipid peroxidation processes and Antioxidant defense in condition of lead intoxication and iodine deficiency in experiment 41

Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry BEREGOVA T., GRIGOROVA N., YESHCHENKO Yu., ZADOROZHNAYA V., BOVT V., YESHCHENKO V. - Influence of acute and chronic alcoholization on blood zinc content 49

TOMASHEVSKA O., DZIS Ye. Anthropometric and metabolic parameters in patients with insulin resistance 53

KIT Z. Comparative investigation of lipid profile, L-arginin, leptin and NO levels in obese vs non-obese patients with arterial hypertension 56

Assisting a doctor

GORNITSKAYA O. The antiphospholipid syndrome 61

ILNYTSKY I., KOSTYK O., ILNYTSKA L., PURSKA M., PETRYSHYN M., PAWLUK M. Informative value of microbiological parametres in tuberculosis in teenagers and adults in epidemic conditions 70

Keywords: 2008

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