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2010, Vol. 49, Issue 1

18 articles

Experimental physiology and biochemistry

Influence of transection of ramus pyloricus nervi vagi on periodical motility of fundus of stomach and duodenum in dogs

Prybytko I., Savchenko Yu., Beregova T., Kharchenko M., Sukhodolya A.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 7–12
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Mitochondrial oxidative disorders under acute hypoxia and its correction by intermittent hypoxia/hyperoxia training

Steshenko N., Gonchar O., Mankovskaya I.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 12–17
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Biochemical mechanisms of acceleration of hepatic fibrogenesis in hyperhomocysteinemia presencen in rats

Pentiuk N.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 17–25
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Disbalance of zinc ions in organism of warm-blooded animals and interconnection with zinc-contained ferments under action of oxyethilorized derivatives of phenol

Nakonechna S., Bondarenko V., Coba L.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 25–29
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Formation of coenzyme forms of vitamins B1 and B2 when given to rats in composition of polyvitamins complexes

Anisimov V., Karpov L.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 30–34
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Influence of short peptide arginyl-alfa-aspartyl-lysyl-valyl-tyrosyl-arginine on the activity of NO-synthase system and processes of lipoperoxidation in experimental ulcer of the stomach В6, В9, В12

Nasadyuk Kh., Sklyarov O.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 35–41
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Parameters definition of gluco- and lupotocxics in rat’s blood in streptozotocin diabetes mellitus on early stages embryos of geese, depending on the level of vitamin Е in a diet of geese during the reproductive period

Sohuiko Y.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 41–46
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Gemopoesis and immunological features of organism of piglets at conditions of feeding chromium to sows

Iskra R.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 46–50
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Influence of the fraction under 5 kDa from the cattle cord blood on glucose, lactate and pyruvate contents in burn wound tissues

Shchenyavsky I.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 50–53
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Clinical physiology and biochemistry

Role of fluor intoxication in osteopenia and osteoporosis development (review of literature)

Dubetska G., SKlyarov Ye.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 54–57
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Role of leptin in pathogenesis of diseases associated with insulin resistance

Urbanowych A.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 57–63
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Disorder of androgen metabolites balance in lung cancer patients

Pershko N., Ponomareva O., Sydoryk E.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 63–67
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Influence of sulfur-containing amino acids and their derivatives on plasma factors and inhibitors of blood coagulation in vitro

Zaichko N. Platonova T. Chernishenko T.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 67–74
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Character of some biochemical indexes in erythrocytes under initiation of oxidative reactions in vitro with different concentrations of glucose

Yolkina N., Konosenko S., Plotnikova E., Kazakova V.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 75–78
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Assisting a doctor

Changing of platelet and plasmic haemostasis in stomach ulcer pathogenesis

Chernyshenko V., Maksymovych I., Korolova D., Platonova Т., Ostapchenko L.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 79–85
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Changes of motor, cognitive and mental status in patients with Parkinson disease during medication by Pronoran

Slobodin T.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 85–89
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Level of blood flow in akral vessels as the exponent of the deponuring capacity of lungs’ vessels

Serduchenko I., Rodinsky A., Demchenko T.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 90–96
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Polyvariant vegetotropic effect of Naftussya bioactive water and its endocrine accompaniment in women

Vistak H., Popovych I., Markevych O., Markevych R.
ECPB 2010, 49(1): 97–102
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