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2011, Vol. 54, Issue 2

15 articles

Experimental physiology and biochemistry

Primary tubular kidney injuries in hemolytic uremic syndrome model and role of the ouabain in their prevention

Burlaka E.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 7–13
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Functioning of key enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in rats under experimental type 2 diabetes

Galenova T., Raksha N., Savchuk O., Ostapchenko L.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 13–21
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Effects of stimulationa and blockade of 5-HT1A receptors on behavioral status in female rats

Fedotova J., Frolova G., Sobolev V.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 21–27
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Psychophysiological peculiarities of rats in the different weather types

Denefil O.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 27–33
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Influence of diazinon on force and lenghth of frog skeletal muscle contraction

Levkivska L., Nozdrenko D., Miroshnichenko М.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 34–38
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Influence of chronic injection of dexamethasone on the condition of synaptic transmission in skeletal muscle of white rats

Trush V.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 38–42
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The dynamics of pro- and antioxidant balance in acute pancreatitis and its correction

Pryvrotskaya I., Pokotylo O.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 42–47
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Clinical physiology and biochemistry

The Study of the Mechanisms Correlations’ Between Aerobic Metabolism and Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Different Functional Grupps: an Effect of Amar

Yelisyeyeva O., Semen Kh., Kaminskyy D., Mysakovets O., Rybalchenko V., Kurkevych A., Lutsyk O.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 48–56

Dynamics of human aerobic capacity of work during health training

Musiyenko O., Krapivina K.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 57–74

Influence of androgenic imbalance in lipid metabolism and indices of immune reactivityof women patients with stable angina pectoris in combination with diabetes mellitus type 2

Rybak O.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 75–79
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Assisting a doctor

Dynamics transforming growth factor β1 in patients with unstable angina in the complex treatment

Zaremba E., Kapustynskiy O.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 80–84
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Peculiarities of caries in children with chronic tonsillitis

Smoliar N., Skybchyk O., Stadnik U.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 84–88
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Directions of the improvement of medico-social examination and rehabilitation of the patients with the malignant new formations of the organ of vision and its appendages

Hudz A.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 88–98
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Influence of the quercetine on the dynamics IL-4, general IgE and cortisol as markers of the inflammation respiratory tract activity at bronchial asthma

Ivasivka R., Myronenko I.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 99–103
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Changes in hemostasis system in arterial hypertension first and second degree and pathogenetic approaches to their management

Holyk О.
ECPB 2011, 54(2): 103–109
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