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Assessment of Skeletal Muscle Strength, Fatigue and Respiratory Efficiency in Young Healthy Females during Different Phases of Menstrual Cycle


Background. Fluctuating levels of sex steroids across the menstrual cycle not only produce physiological changes in the reproductive system but also affect skeletal muscle strength and the respiratory efficiency. Increasing participation of women in competitive sports has drawn attention of the scientists to understanding of the effect of the menstrual cycle on athletic performance.

Physical work capacity depends on respiratory efficiency and skeletal muscle strength. Objectives. To evaluate skeletal muscle performance and respiratory efficiency during different phases of menstrual cycle in non-athletic eumenorrheic women.

Materials & methods. Fifty non-athletic healthy female subjects aged between 20-30 years of age with normal BMI and history of regular menstrual cycle have been selected. Muscle strength and time of fatigue has been determined using hand grip dynamometer. Respiratory efficiency has been assessed using respiratory blast test and respiratory endurance test during premenstrual and proliferative phase of menstrual cycle. Student’s paired test has been used for analyzing of the data. P < 0.05 has been considered to be statistically significant.

Result. Muscle strength, respiratory blast test and respiratory endurance tests are not statistically significant during different phases of menstrual cycle. Time of fatigue is significantly higher (p < 0.05) during the proliferative phase compared to the premenstrual phase.

Conclusion. In females, muscles undergo easy fatigability during premenstrual phase hence it has to be considered during athletic training and selection program.

Added: 06.11.2017

Keywords: follicular phase, luteal phase, respiratory blast test, respiratory endurance, skeletal muscle performance

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