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Immediate responses of the autonomic nervous system to the balneofactors, their neuro-endocrine-immune accompaniments and predictors


Introduction. In previous studies it has been shown that in response to the intake of Bioactive Water Naftussya (BAWN) the activity of the autonomic nervous system changes and the vector of the reaction is ambiguous. However, the issue of the specificity of immediate effects of BAWN on the nervous as well as endocrine and immune systems is still relevant. This is the objective of this study.

Material and Methods. The object of the observation was 15 volunteers-men (aged 26÷60, M±SD: 44±12 years) without any clinical diagnose but with a moderate dysfunction of neuroendocrine- immune complex (dysadaptation). At the beginning volunteers filled in a questionnaire with the purpose of estimationing the level of the trait anxiety. Then HRV and EEG were recorded. The content of principal adaptation hormones such as Cortisol, Testosterone and Triiodothyronine as well as parameters of Immunity were determined in blood. After registration 5 volunteers of the basic level consumed some days 200 mL of Control Water (distillated, filtered, well), Water Naftussya from layers Truskavets’ and Skhidnyts’a while 10 volunteers consumed 5 mL of Phytocomposition ‘Balm Cryms’kyi’ (it is identified as an adaptogen) soluted in 195 mL of daily Water. all tests were repeated in an hour and a half.

Results. It has been confirmed that the polyvariant nature of the vegetotropic reactions to the balneofactors, namely Bayevskiy’s Stress Index has increased in half of the observations, while in 39% it has decreased and only in 11% has not changed significantly. No differences were found between the effects of all applied stimuli. The method of discriminant analysis revealed 27 parameter change which are characteristic of vegetotropic reactions (Baevskiy’s Stress Index, 3 parameters of HRV, 15 of EEG and 7 of Immunity as well as Testosterone). It has been revealed that initial parameters (2 of HRV, 21 of EEG and 8 of Immunity as well as trait anxiety) allowed to predict each of the three variants of the vegetotropic reaction accurately. Conclusion. The vector of the vegetotropic reaction as well as its absence, is not due to the properties of the stimulus, the time of the use of the balneofactor, but to the state of autonomic reactivity of a person.

Recieved: 01.03.2018

Keywords: balneofactors, neuroendocrine-immune complex, immediate reactions

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