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ECPB 2018, 82(2): 5–14
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Changes in Electrokinetic Index of the Buccal Epithelium Correlated with Changes in Some Parameters of EEG, HRV, Hemodynamics and Metabolism


Background. It is known that buccal epithelium cell nuclei in human electrokinetic mobility, named Electrokinetic Index (EKI), almost linearly decreases during aging. Also it is reduced under the condition of fatigue and different diseases, at the same time measure of reduction is associated with severity of disease, while successful treatment increases EKI to a level that is typical for this age group. The relationships caused by balneotherapy changes in EKI and some functional and metabolic parameters of body have been examined

Methods. 32 males and 10 females of the age of 24-76 years with chronic pyelonephritis in the phase of remission, who have been treated at the Truskavets’ spa, have been observed. We have estimated the EKI, state of EEG, autonomous and hormonal regulation, metabolism as well as hemodynamics.

Results. All patients have been divided into four clusters, homogeneous in the changes of EKI. The largest cluster has consisted of 26 people, in which the EKI has increased by 2,36 ± 0,22 %, indicating the decrease of the biological age (BA) by 1,8 ± 0,2 years. In another 5 people, EKI has increased by 0,90 ± 0,17 %, the BA has decreased by 0,7 ± 0,1 year. At the same time, in 7 patients, EKI has remained the same, and only in 4 patients it has decreased by 1,38 ± 0,65 %, that indicates the increase of the BA by 1,1 ± 0,5 year. Thus, in 74 % of the subjects balneotherapy has caused the so-called ″youthful″ effect, while in 17 % it has been ineffective, and in 9 % the effect should be assessed as unfavorable. The method of discriminant analysis has revealed 27 parameters (12 parameters of EEG. 2 HRV markers of vagal tone, plasma levels testosterone normalized by sex, cholesterol, creatinine, potassium, excretion of urea, urates and phosphates, parathyrin activity as well as 4 parameters of hemodynamics and Hench’s expiratory test), the changes in which are characteristic of four qualitative-quantitative variations of the changes of EKI

Conclusion. Changes iof Electrokinetic Index of the buccal epithelium really reflect the changes of neuro-endocrine regulation, metabolism and hemodynamics.

Article recieved: 30.05.2018

Keywords: Electrokinetic Index, EEG, HRV, Metabolism, Relationships

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