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ECPB 2019, 88(4): 22–28
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The Biochemical Parameters of Blood and Homogenate of the Alveolar Bone of Female Rats at Long-term Experimental Methionine Hyperhomocysteinemia and its Correction with Choline and Vitamin D


Introduction. The mechanisms of pathogenetic action of hyperhomocysteinemia are known to be mainly associated with oxidative stress, impaired methylation, antioxidant protection etc. It has been experimentally and clinically proved that increases in serum HC also adversely affect calcium-phosphorus metabolism and bone mineral density. Similar disorders of bone mineralization are caused by deficiency of vitamin D. The above-mentioned changes in metabolism impact on the dental status of the body at different stages of life. Purpose of the research – To study the biochemical parameters of blood of female rats in methionine-induced HHC and its correction with choline and vitamin D for a long time Materials and methods The study was conducted on 30 adult female rats, divided into 3 groups: group 1 – intact control, group 2 – animals with methionine HНС and group 3 – animals which have HНС adjusted by choline and vitamin D. Adult females, including pregnancy, were 86-97 days for intact animals (group 1), 90–96 days for rats 2 groups and 90-97 days for 3 groups of females. At the end of the experiment, females were removed from the experiment under thiopental anesthesia and blood was collected from the heart and alveolar shoots in the mandibular area for biochemical studies performed in blood serum and bone homogenates. In the serum and in the alveolar bone homogenate of the experimental animals, the concentration of total protein, malondialdehyde, reduced glutathione, phospholipids and their fractional composition, total and ionized calcium and phosphate content, alkaline acid phosphatase, alpha phosphate activity, alkaline phosphatase activity, and alpha phosphate activity were determined, content of homocysteine and 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25-OH D). Results. Discussion The results obtained confirm the existing literature data according , that HНС and vitamin D deficiency in the body break calcium-phosphorus metabolism, which is actively reflected in the functioning of bone tissue. This negative effect causes structural changes in the periodontal bone tissue. The data of this study confirm our previous results and prove that HНС shows a significant decrease in the concentration in the blood of vitamin D, calcium and phosphates. The enrichment of the diet with choline and vitamin D effectively prevents the development of HНС and its characteristic changes in metabolism concerning oxidative stress, antioxidant protection, methylation, vitamin D status and phosphorus-calcium metabolism. Conclusions and prospects of further developments 1. Our experimental study showed, that during prolonged methionine HНС in female rats of the postpartum period appear signs of oxidative stress, inhibiting the processes of antioxidant protection and methylation. There is also a decrease in blood levels of vitamin D, calcium and phosphates, changes in the activity of alkaline and acidic phosphatases in blood elastase and alveolar bone homogenate. 2. The enrichment of the diet with choline and vitamin D prevents nearly all these biochemical abnormalities characteristic of HНС and prevents changes in the characteristics that characterize the destructive process in the solid periodontal tissues of experimental animals. 3. In general, the biochemical changes found in postpartum female rats are almost identical to those observed in non-pregnant animals. The prospect of the further development is to study the effects of long-term effects of hyperhomocysteinemia on the female rats on the biochemical processes in the blood and the dental status of their progeny, in the early postnatal period of life.

Received: 30.10.2019

Keywords: biochemical studies, experimental hyperhomocysteinemia, choline, vitamin D, female rats

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