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ECPB 2021, 92(1): 67–71
Medical education

The use of interactive teaching methods in the study of the basic discipline “Human Anatomy” by foreign medical students


Interactive learning technology is an organization of the educational process in which it is impossible for a student not to participate in a collective complementary, based on the interaction of all itsparticipants learning process, including during the forced, due to quarantine. At the same time, such forms and means of teaching require the teacher to improve teaching both in content and form and to master modern means and methods of teaching and, at the same time, ensure the implementation of the teaching load.

Comprehensive knowledge of human anatomy underpins the understanding and practice of medicine. Normal anatomy of the human body teaching is an established part of the medical curriculum. However, with a variety of tools and techniques employed to teach anatomy, there is uncertainty regarding methods to deliver optimal teaching. This article seeks to answer the question: what is the best method to teach anatomy to foreign medical students, including striking the right balance between use of novel technologies and traditional methods. In this study, we aim to evaluate how medical students learn anatomy. However, it is also important to outline technological uptake among undergraduate medical students to assess how feasible any new strategy would be. We hope to outline which methods and tools students find most useful for the assimilation and application of anatomical knowledge, helping to improve the teaching of anatomy and provide students with more appropriate material and methods to grasp the core normal anatomy needed at undergraduate level. Effective combination of interactive teching and systems of electronic educational platforms during distance learning allows to ensure maximum acquisition of practical knowledge and skills by students, to develop their communicative competencies, provides a high level of clinical thinking and facilitates combination of theoretical knowledge with practical activities after quarantine restrictions wide introduction into the educational process of the morphological and clinical departments.

To achieve the goal of our subject – finding out the patterns of the structure of the organism and mastering a large array of factual material, all available and possible traditional and modern methodological techniques are used. Therefore, the aim will be to improve modern and accessible teaching methods with the involvement of acquired skills of students using interactive theaching methods, in particular in quarantine.

Recieved: 16.02.2021

Keywords: human anatomy, interactive learning technology

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