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ECPB 2021, 93(3): 28–32
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Peculiarities of shifts in the state of proteinase-inhibitory system in periodontal tissues under conditions of formation of experimental periodontitis and immobilization stress


The aim was to study the state of the proteinase-inhibitory system in periodontal tissues in the dynamics of experimental periodontitis (EP) and immobilization stress (IS). Experimental studies were performed on 40 guinea pigs (males), body weight 0.18-0.21 kg, were divided into four groups (10 in each): the first – intact animals – control; the second (experimental) group – animals with experimental periodontitis under conditions of immobilization stress (3 rd day), the third group included guinea pigs with EP and IS on the 5 day of the combined model process, to IV – animals with EP and IS 15 th Experimental periodontitis was modeled by the method of ZR Jogan (1983). Immobilization stress was reproduced by the method of PD Horizontov (1996). Condition of proteinase-inhibitory system in periodontal tissues was determined by lysis of the azoalbumin, azokasein and azokolagen and maintenance content of α1-protease inhibitor (α1-IP), α2-macroglobulin by method of Veremeenko K.N., Goloborodko O.P. (1988). The results of the research showed the activation of lysis processes of all markers identified by us. Thus, a gradual intensive growth of azoalbumin, azocasein and azocollagen in periodontal tissues was found throughout the experiment. The dynamics of the activity of proteinase inhibitors is characterized by a decrease in all studied markers in all studied days of EP and IS, which indicates their inhibition. The obtained results give reason to think about the imbalance in the system in the proteinase-inhibitory system with the predominance of proteinase potential against the background of inhibitor depression.

Keywords: periodontitis, stress, azoalbumin, azokasein, azokolagen, α1-protease inhibitor, α2-macroglobulin

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