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ECPB 2021, 93(3): 48–53
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Dynamics of changes in hormonal indicators of ovarian reserve in serial application of cyclophosphamide in the experiment


The aim of the study was to study the dynamics of changes in hormonal parameters of the ovarian reserve during serial use of cyclophosphamide in the experiment. The experiments were performed on 45 adult female white rats. Levels of antimullerian hormone, estradiol and follicle-stimulating hormone were studied. In total, 4 courses of chemotherapy were performed with an interval of 3 weeks. After each course of chemotherapy, the hormonal status of the experimental animals was studied twice: during the first proestrus after the course (to determine the acute ovarian toxicity of the drug) and during the last proestrus before the next course of chemotherapy (to study ovarian function). The dynamics of ovarian reserve hormone levels during serial administration of cyclophosphamide was characterized by wavy dynamics with deterioration immediately after chemotherapy and partial recovery during the period between adjacent courses. Ovariotoxicity of cyclophosphamide when administered serially in therapeutic doses in the experiment was manifested by significant changes in the levels of antimullerian hormone, estradiol and follicle-stimulating hormone after the first course of chemotherapy.

Keywords: cyclophosphamide, antimullerian hormone, estradiol, folliclestimulating hormone, rats

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