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ECPB 2022, 94(1): 38–43
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IL-6 levels in patients with hypertension in combination with coronavirus disease


Arterial hypertension (AH) is the most common concomitant pathology in patients with COVID-19. AH, regardless of other risk factors, worsens the course of coronavirus infection, which is associated with immune system activation and inflammation in hypertension. Factors, that activate the immune system in AH remain poorly understood. The study aimed to compare the level of IL-6 in patients with AH and concomitant COVID-19 and patients with AH stage ІІ. 82 patients with AH stage ІІ and confirmed SARS-CoV-2 by PCR test. All individuals were divided into 2 groups depending on the severity of coronavirus disease. The first group included 41 patients with moderate COVID-19, the second – 41 patients with severe course of the disease. The control group included 44 individuals with AH stage ІІ. The age of patients with AH in combination with COVID-19 was significantly higher compared to the age of the individuals in the control group. The level of saturation was lower in patients of the group І and ІІ compared to the control group (р<0,01). Creatinine and urea levels were significantly higher in the group ІІ (r=0,77) compared with patients with a moderate course of COVID-19 (р<0,05) normal parameters (р<0,01). The mean level of proinflammatory IL-6 was 1.93 times higher in patients with AH and moderate COVID-19 (р<0,05) and 4.63 times higher in individuals with severe COVID-19 (р<0,01) compared with the control group. These changes may indicate the development of a cytokine storm in these patients.

COVID-19 pneumonia in combination with AH is complicated by the deterioration of renal function, changes in some indicators of hemostasis on the background of decreasing the blood oxygen saturation. The level of saturation was significantly reduced in patients with moderate and severe COVID-19 (р<0,01) and was negatively correlated with the concentration of IL-6 (r=-0,363). As COVID-19 progresses, IL-6 level increases sharply with moderate (р<0,05) and severe (р<0,01) course compared to normal parameters.

Received: 11.02.2022

Keywords: arterial hypertension, COVID-19, IL-6

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