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ECPB 2022, 95(3): 12–19
Clinical medicine

NO-synthase and arginase activity and L-arginine content in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with arterial hypertension in combination with COVID-19 pneumonia


The aim of the work was to conduct a comparative analysis of the activity of NO-synthase and arginase and the content of L-arginine in peripheral blood lymphocytes of patients with AH in combination with COVID-19 pneumonia. 46 patients with AH combined with COVID-19 pneumonia were included in the study and were aggregated into two groups. The I group included 22 people with AH and a mild COVID-19 pneumonia; the II group – 24 patients with AH and a severe COVID-19 pneumonia. 20 practically healthy people were selected for the control group. General clinical examinations as well as determination of L-arginine concentration, arginase and NO-synthase activity in peripheral blood lymphocytes were performed on all individuals, The results of the study showed a reliable decrease in concentration of L-arginine in patients with AH and a mild COVID-19 by 19.7% in comparison with the control group, and its increasing in patients with AH and a severe course of COVID-19 pneumonia by 28, 9% (р<0.05). In the presence of severe COVID-19 pneumonia, arginase activity indicators were credibly higher by 37.5% (p<0.05) than in the case of AH and a mild course of COVID-19. Furthermore, the severe course of the coronavirus disease in patients with AH was accompanied by a significant increase in NOS against the background of a deterioration in the procoagulant properties of the blood and an increase in D-dimers. Therefore, the course of AH in the presence of mild and severe coronavirus pneumonia is accompanied by a significant deficiency of L-arginine, a predominance of arginase activity compared to NO-synthase activity in peripheral blood lymphocytes, due to lungs affection degree and endothelial dysfunction.

Article received: 12.12.2022

Keywords: L-arginine, arginase, NOS, arterial hypertension, COVID-19

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