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ECPB 2022, 95(3): 37–43
Experimental medicine

Hematological and immune homeostasis of experimental animals under the influence of lotion, containing 5% minoxidil


Purpose of the study. To investigate in experimental conditions the effect of lotion containing 5% minoxidil on the cellular and humoral immunity of laboratory animals.

Methods. Experimental studies were conducted on mature guinea pigs of light color weighing 300–350 g. Sensitization of guinea pigs was carried out comprehensively according to the method of O.H. Alieksieieva, A.I. Petkevych, changes in hematological parameters of peripheral blood of control and experimental animals were determined, hematological indices were calculated, and cellular and humoral links of the body’s immunity were evaluated. Results. At the end of the experiment, the experimental animals showed significant changes in the leukocyte blood count compared to the control group: an increase in eosinophils by 56.2% and monocytes by 79%, and a decrease in lymphocytes by 5.1%. The analysis of hematological indices showed a decrease in the sensitized animals: the ratio of lymphocytes to monocytes by 88.1%, indicating a violation of the effector link of the immune response; neutrophil to eosinophil ratio by 57.1% and lymphocyte to eosinophil ratio by 64.2%, indicating a shift in intercellular balance towards cells involved in immediate hypersensitivity reactions and activation of immune-allergic reactions. The assessment of cellular immunity showed a significant increase in the CD3 pool by 27.5% due to an increase in CD4 by 31.8%, which emphasizes the superiority of helper mechanisms of the immune response, obviously of an adaptive nature, an increase in CD22 in percentage terms by 54% and in absolute terms by 82.8%, an increase in the experimental group: phagocytic index by 74% and phagocytic indicator by 35.5%, circulating immune complexes by 43.4%, indicating a stimulation of the immune response to antigenic intake.

Reports. The lotion containing 5% minoxidil in the complex sensitization of guinea pigs caused significant changes in peripheral blood parameters and shifts in immunological homeostasis. There were changes in the cellular part of the immune system, an impact on the phagocytic part of the immune system and a violation of the humoral response of adaptive immunity.

Added: 18.12.2022

Keywords: minoxidil, hematological and immune homeostasis, cellular and humoral immunity, allergic reactions

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