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Publishing guidelines  Українською Українською

Publication ethics and malpractice statement

1. Publication and authorship:

2. Author’s responsibilities:

3. Peer review / responsibility for the reviewers:

Relationship with Reviewers:

The reviewers are asked to consider the following ethical aspects:

Any other information that may result in the rejection of manuscript should be submitted to the editor.

4. Editorial responsibilities:

The editors of the Experimental and Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry Journal should confirm and ensure that all manuscripts are assessed appropriately taking into account scientific and intellectual content of the article, considering ethical principles, regardless of author’s gender, race, nationality, religion or political preferences. Editorial is responsible for publishing or rejecting submitted manuscripts based on the analyses of the manuscript by the reviewers, as well as the Journal policy, avoiding plagiarism, defamation or copyright infringement.

5. Publishing ethics issues

 Institutions where the paper authors work should:

Detailed information about Ethical Guidelines in Experiments are located here

6.  Publication retracting:

Journal Editors will consider retracting a publication if:

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